You Can't Put Your Arms Around A Conspiracy Theory

from by I Am Not The Universe



It's a tent revival of the improbable survival of the trickle-down economy.
Here comes the preacher, knows which lines to feed you and how to keep you still hungry.

You make svengalis gurus.
They use you to build YouTube celebrity.

And we've been standing on our heads to see from your perspective, but amazingly, it's left us sparing with the dead:
Brutal and futile.
It's a setup to make us look like the villains of your story.

Now your ruminations on false flag operations make you an exhausting chore.
But you fantasize you're of great interest to spies when you're actually a fucking bore.

Your cloak and dagger distractions
keep your feet from the fire when you're weak. (ain't you always weak?)

And we've been giving you the chance to see
it's a pyramid structure philosophy
it's a slant drilling ideology that drinks all your milkshake
Even Lydon LaRouche knows
how to bring all the boys out to his yard.

You're no hero
You're just a target demo
of that pony and dog show.

But we've been giving you the class to see
what you call freedom is conformity
to a tinfoil haberdashery for solipsistic myopics
who get on the offense
at just the mere mention
of community.


from The Worker Bee, released February 3, 2017
Billy: Guitars/Vocals
Sean: Bass
Jonas: Drums
Sonja: Synth



all rights reserved


I Am Not The Universe Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

A Politically-charged folk-punk/power-pop collective, I Am Not The Universe sings truth to power and afflicts the comfortable, even outside the prearranged free-speech zone.

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