Round The Squares

from by I Am Not The Universe



Well, they've been scratching at their heads trying to reckon what's been going wrong
with all these disrespectful kids and exactly where it is they get their ideas from.

But I'm done trying to bring 'round the squares.
They don't wanna be round.
They'd rather drown in their fears.
So, that's just what we'll let them do.
They can blame it all on the Internet and say the
things they never had growing up is how we went bad.
And no one any wiser
Just consumed by moral panic
Sartre's in the attic,
yellowed and torn.

They're searching for an angle everywhere they look,
they think we all got them.
So they barb their words to arm themselves and they close the book
on any nuances.

So, I'm done trying to bring 'round the squares.
They don't wanna be round.
They'd rather sever their own goddamn ears
than listen to the history of seeds they sow.
Same as their parents blaming deviance on rock and roll
And the weight they were told they never bore,
they're gonna bear now passing down that folklore.
And the whole damn scene could have been prevented
If someone taught them how to see through static.
Dylan's Times They Are A-Changin's in the attic
scratched and forgotten.


from The Worker Bee, released February 3, 2017
Billy: Guitars/Vocals
Sean: Bass
Todd: Drums



all rights reserved


I Am Not The Universe Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

A Politically-charged folk-punk/power-pop collective, I Am Not The Universe sings truth to power and afflicts the comfortable, even outside the prearranged free-speech zone.

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